Thursday, June 3, 2010

learning to speak

Today I took Kaylee to the pediatrician. I was worried she might have an ear infection because she was waking in the middle of the night crying and one time even said OWE when she woke up and has been playing with her ear. Thankfully he said her ears looked fine.
I did a well baby check and she is pretty normal on all fronts. She even managed to gain enough weight to actually be on the charts. She's in like the 8th percentile for weight. (Although he still wants me to give her butter and ice cream.)

When the Dr. asked me how many words she knows I told him I hadn't ever counted. I was positive she spoke more than the required 10 he was hoping for but as I drove home I tried to count them and was surprised the list was longer than I was thinking.

I'm not trying to brag because I know some kids her age say more than her and some say less and it's all normal. I just wanted to write these all down so that next time someone asks me if she's talking I can say yes! Also I think these kinds of things are important to remember. Here is what Ryan and I could come up with...
-Mama (&Stacey)
-Dada (&Ryan... it's pretty funny when she yells it)
-cat (&meow)
-doggie (&woof)
-Elmo (over and over and over)
- 1,2,3,8 (She actually recognizes 8's and points them out)
-A,B (all letters are A's and B's)
-mouth (although it sounds more like meoo)
-baby (said when referring to children, dolls and my belly)
-Thank You (for EVERYTHING)
-Hey, NO
-let's go
-poo poo
-ready set go
-all done
-bear (kind of)
-hi, hello
-bu bye

So as you can see she actually knows over 40 words. If I think of more I'll add them.


JJ and Cody said...

I love hearing about your family!

Laura said...

My Sam was the same (and still is)- under the charts. My doctor had me give him pediasure for years, until he was four, he drank that twice a day. Then, at least I could be sure that his growth was because that was the way his body wanted to grow, not that he was lacking some kind of nutrition. But after all that, he's still tiny. That's just fine with us There's a lot of worse things than being small!

ShaunaJorgenson said...

You forgot ta-da! I've heard that more than once this week! I think she has been saying chair too. It's always chair, sit.