Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Begins

Happy belated Independence Day! While politics and people can get out of hand sometimes, there isn't another country on earth I'd rather live in. Happy Birthday America. May we strive to continue in the righteous traditions we were founded on!
I have my new camera (Canon digital elph=love) so hopefully this means more blog pictures!

We weren't too exciting this year. Just spent some time with our families. I went to the Riverton parade and it was LAME.

I just love this picture of Kay :)

Louie brought his corn hole game so you better believe there was a tournament going on all night.

I went ahead and took a belly picture. I think this might be my first for the blog with this pregnancy. This is what 25 weeks of baby growing looks like on me.

To be honest we've spent Ryan's time off moving. Everything is out and now just in disarray at my mom's. I had the carpets and couches cleaned today. Ryan has been down in Springville cleaning up and grabbing the last things by himself all night. I feel very guilty.

I'm still in need of a babysitter for Friday afternoons during voice. I was hoping to find someone that is not totally out of the way but I May end up taking her to my friends in Springville.

Hopefully July will bring us many more exciting adventures.


The Hightower's said...

I love your pics!!! We miss you guys. Kaylee is such a doll and I can't believe you are so far along in this pregnancy...time flies. (well, for me because I'm not the pregnant one ha)

Tori said...

What time on Fridays do you need someone to watch Kaylee? I get off work at 11:30 in Sandy... Call me. 801-548-8674

Alyssa said...

Cute pictures! You look great at 25 weeks! You have to see some photos of Grandma Huesinkveld that kaylie has a bit of her Great Grandma in her.