Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is a mom to do?

Something is not quite tight with Kaylee but we haven't figured out what yet.... I'll tell the whole story and if you have any ideas/ suggestions please help!

On the 23rd Kaylee started saying she was poopy even though she wasn't. She wanted her diaper changed. On Christmas eve she started whining that her diaper hurt. She wanted to wipe herself endlessly. I called a pediatric hotline and they said the same thing I was thinking... probably a bladder infection. Despite her having no fever I took her into an insta care (the health center was closed on christmas eve) to test her urine. I was afraid she would develop a fever on Christmas day and we'd have no where to take her. They put a bag on her and she HATED it. She wouldn't pee for the longest time. Then when we took the urine in the test came back with blood cells in it so they assumed it was an infection and prescribed an antibiotic. Over the weekend they cultured the urine and no bacteria grew. They told me I could take her off the antibiotic and said I should do another urine analysis. I took her to the health for the second urine analysis and the doctor there said it would be best to finish the antibiotics anyway to be certain there was no infection and then come back and test her. We finished the antibiotic and went back yesterday. The doctor yesterday said bag urine testing is pointless because studies show you never know if the test is accurate. Since Kaylee hasn't been complaining much lately he said not to worry about it. She has been uncharacteristically emotional recently but I chalked it up to being a 2 year old. She has said her diaper hurts but not in the same crying tone she did on the 24th so I thought she had just heard me say it too much and didn't know what she was talking about. The other strange thing is she gets out of bed every night now which is a habit we had broken her of a while ago.

Today she decided to start complaining again. (The day after a doctor says don't worry about it.) She's said she's poopy when she's not, asked for a diaper change repeatedly, said her diaper hurts, refused a diaper, wiped herself over and over, rubbed herself and complained a lot in the tub, whined a lot, walked funny, and at times wouldn't sit down... She won't let me look at her or touch her either so I haven't been able to get a good look. She closes he legs and yells stop it mommy. I have considered that both times might have something to do with having a hard time pooping.

To get a sterile urine sample they will have to do a catheter which is painful and traumatic for 2 year olds. Doctors avoid them at all costs when dealing with children near potty training ages. Something definitely isn't right but I'm not sure testing the urine is what is needed. She doesn't look rashy or like she has a yeast infection. I kind of got a glimpse and it looks like she might be red inside a bit.

I just feel like the doctors keep giving me the run around and I don't think I 100% trust the doctors at the health center. I'm not sure who to talk to or what to do next... I'm tired of going to the health center all the way down in Provo for them to just say that we came in for nothing!
I'm afraid of being an overzealous mom who worries about too much and on the flip side I'm afraid of ignoring a problem that needs fixing.
I can't find any information on the internet that provides me with an idea of what these actions in a 2 year old might indicate.

Any thoughts?


Liz said...

If you really think something is wrong, trust yourself. I think Mom's know the difference between just worries and something that is wrong.

Natalie said...

Just thinking out loud here:
-Have you taken her to the dr. that has helped with Kevin's UTI issues? Could there be a connection there?
-Could she be wanting to potty train? Nora always tells me she's "so poopy" even if she's only a little wet, and she always wants to wipe. That said, it sounds like Kaylee is showing more than just routine "interest."
-Could she be reacting to a chemical or something in her diapers? You could consider switching to cloth for awhile- I could help you there! :)
-If nothing else, I'd change her often and wash her with soap and water as often as she'll let you- with every change if you can. I'd also look for a specialist over a primary care physician.
You're a good mommy! Listen to your gut and keep us posted.

Momma's Hart said...

Catheters can cause greater problems if it isn't part of the issue already. Goodness, I'd call your Dr. and ask to speak to her directly by phone. Skip all nurses. Tell them you no longer want the run-around from them, and if the Dr. doesn't offer more ideas, request for a specialist. Tell her you want a request form and communication with a specialist immediately. Give specific time frames if that helps.

Doctors will never know and understand your child the way you do. They can't make a proper assessment in 10 mins or less. You need someone who will listen.

As for other concerns. Has she had any other issues like constipation, or the runs? Or hemmorroids. (yes, young'ns can get them too). Just keep a close eye on her and make note of any odd behavior.

As for toddlers, Lydia doesn't want to be in a diaper anymore either. She tells me she is stinky when she wants it off, even though its a dry dipe. But that's just the name of the game around here.

Sounds like Kaylee is really in pain and in need of some sort of help! I hope you figure it out soon!

Momma's Hart said...

Oh, as for phone calls. I like them because they are direct and to the point. Esp. if you have already been in the office this week. Don't waste your time. You can leave a couple msg. on the Dr's voicemail. And the Dr. should respond to your call right away and give you more answers without paying for another med. visit. Plus getting refferals over the phone is a more direct approach.