Monday, January 24, 2011

She's minoring in Music?

Today I got an e-mail from The School of Family Life. They e-mailed all 8 April graduates who are minoring in Music. The question asked, would you like to do a musical number at the Friday April 22nd graduation ceremony. I think it would be fun but before I tell them yes I want to find the perfect song.

Does anyone out there have a really stellar suggestion for a song to sing at a graduation? I'm trying to find a song that has a happy "go forward with life" feeling like "I Hope You Dance" but less mainstream cheesy than that song. I am NOT looking for a nostalgic "I'll miss this place" kind of song that you might hear at a high school graduation.

Better yet, do any of my friends who are more musically inclined than me want to write a killer song for a graduation so that I can do an original? (You can come play your piece if you want and I'll sing it.) I'd even be interested in collaborating with someone.

Think about it and help me out people!

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