Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If wishes were pennies...

Let me start by acknowledging that I know that I am SUPER BLESSED! I'm writing this blog from my brand new laptop (with built in SD slot which means more picture blogs once I remember where I last put my camera.) All of my needs and basic wants have pretty much always been met.
Still it's fun to think about what I would buy for myself if I had lots of money to spare :)
In no particular order, here are the ones that come to mind right now...
* A mommy necklace or two ( Plus any new jewelry in general.
* A pass to a gym with a day care
* A membership to either Jillian Michaels or Weight Watchers online
* An iPod touch to go with that WW membership... count points! (In case you can't tell my real wish is to get back to my smaller jean days!)
* A classy wardrobe
* A baby bullet (a regular one would do just fine too)
* Doula certification (this will require more time than it will money so I'm waiting till I finish school.)
*A house :)
* A Ford Grand C max (which Chase says won't be in America until 2012)

The truth is, even if we had more money I'd probably still be pretty stingy with it...

What about you? Anything you'd put on your list?

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