Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dancing With The Stars

Ryan and I had so much fun in California last weekend. We went to Six Flags on Friday (blog post about that to come.) We spent some time with my family on Saturday. Then we spent Sunday evening at Chelsie's house with Laurie, Jeff, and Chelsie.
On Monday and Tuesday we went to Dancing With the Stars while my cousin Ally watched the kiddos. This is the first time we've had a chance to go since her first season with Ty Murray.
We met up with Jeff and Laurie who were driving Chelsie's car and parked in her spot on the lot.

Kristin Chenoweth was at the show on Monday so Ryan insisted we go get a picture with her. She is TINY... like maybe 80 lbs of tininess. This is not her best picture but it's what we got.

I'm kind of bashful about taking pictures with people. I feel so dumb asking. So be warned I don't have many pictures of people besides this because Ryan insisted on this one.

After the show Monday we had a quick dinner at Magianos where we saw Carrie Ann and Shirly Ballas. We went back to the studio for a live interview with ABC 4 news.
After that Chelsie wanted to go to Mark's show at The Mint.
You can see him on stage behind her...

They marked my wrist to signify I was 21... like it mattered

It was fun! Mark told Chelsie to come up on stage and sing with him. It was so fun to see her preform in that setting. Check her out...

After that we went to Yogurtland with Corky Ballas for frozen yogurt... yum.

Tuesday night was bittersweet since Romeo and Chelsie's time on season 12 came to an end.
We waited for her to do all her press interviews after the show and I took this picture while waiting because it made me laugh...

After her interviews we rushed over to Jimmy Kimmel Live and hung out back stage while she waited to go on with Romeo.

They made us show ID to give us an over 21 wristband... again like it matters.

In case you missed it, here is their interview with Jimmy

After Jimmy we went out to eat at a little sushi place in LA. It was pretty good. It was nice to just sit there with Chelsie, Jeff, and Laurie and talk.

Chelsie is so talented, beautiful and just a good person. She is experiencing so many amazing things in her life right now and it's exciting for her but I think people forget that she is a normal person with insecurities and dreams just like anyone else. I love having her for a sister in law!

Thanks for the good times Chels!


Jewelyn said...

wow sounds like a blast! i was sooo frustrated that chelsie and romeo got sent home! that's awesome that you got to be there though!

Charlotte said...

How fun to be able to spend time rubbing shoulders with the stars!!