Monday, April 25, 2011


Graduation was fabulous!

Thursday night was commencement... Don't go to commencement. It is a waste of time and there is a ton a traffic so it is a huge pain! My mom and Ryan came - bless their hearts!

Here is proof we did go and that there were way too many people there! I think they said there was 7000 graduates. Then add their families... YIKES!

Friday morning at 11:00 was the School of Family Life Graduation which I thoroughly enjoyed.
When I first showed up I saw that everyone had yellow tassels and as you see above I purchased white... whoops. Luckily my graduation was in the same building as the bookstore where I bought it so I waltzed on over and did a quick exchange :)

Walking in.

The valedictorian gave a speech which was... how do I say this... lame. It was obnoxiously self centered and not what it should have been. Then the much anticipated musical number! (most of you probably already saw this)

For whatever reason I'm kind of embarrassed every time I watch this.

Ryan was looking all official as always so people thought maybe this was going to be broadcast somewhere. He even had someone want him to do work for them... Typical. :)

After me there was a speaker who I thoroughly enjoyed. He talked about avoiding being the "expert" but using our learned skills with humility. He was funny, especially for us family life majors. Unfortunately my family said he was too quiet and they didn't really hear anything he said :(

I of course later got to walk across and get my little diploma holder dealy.

Everyone is happy I'm done!

After the ceremony we all went to Pizza Pie Cafe... MMMMM obviously I picked it since I'm OBSESSED WITH IT!

Thanks to everyone who came and supported me or sent cards or other messages!

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