Wednesday, April 20, 2011

did life just get easier or harder?

With my graduation ceremony finally being here, I've been contemplating tonight the things I've been putting off and saying I would do when school is done... I think my life is about to get more hectic with my "projects"
Project Mommy -Be a good mom
seriously I have felt so guilty lately for how awful I have been to Kaylee. I've not only neglected to make her life fun, but sometimes I'm just plain mean to her when stressed and then I feel awful and wish I had a rewind button. She's two for heavens sake.

Project Skinny -Get back down to the size I was when Ryan married me
This one might take a little longer.

Project Good Housewife -Have a clean(er) house, and make meals
I'm sorry but I don't remember the last time we cleaned the bathroom. It's embarrassing! Also I like having home cooked meals on the table at dinnertime and that has been far too rare as of late.

Project Social - Have a social life
I know you might be thinking, "but she spends more time on Facebook than anyone I know" but seriously facebook was just an excuse to avoid school and does not count. I want to spend time going out to lunch with my sister in laws or shopping with my sisters. I want to do my visiting teaching and actually know the names of some people in my ward (PATHETIC!)

Project Toilet - Complete potty training
Kaylee made a huge splash into this all on her own but she needs me to have time to work with her to get her to the point where she totally gets it.

Project Doula - get certified
I've mentioned it before but I'm ready to start reading my doula books. I've already checked out the first two required books.

There'a probably plenty more but these are the ones that just came to me... if you are still reading then I'm impressed!


Jewelyn said...

Sounds like a great plan to me! It's staying motivated everyday that kills me. Hope you're more successful than I am! :)

Bailee said...

Life of a college student mom. your list and my list are almost identical...except mine isn't going to begin for years..... You can do it!!!