Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Baby Boy

I've been a pretty crappy mom in keeping track of Kevin's milestones. Hopefully his feelings aren't hurt when he's older. This is my post all about Kevin!

Kevin is 8 months old! (Tomorrow)

He has one cute little tooth on the bottom.
He LOVES Cheerios.
He never sits still when eating (nursing included)

He's been sitting up really well for a couple months now.
He scoots around like crazy on his tummy and has already experimented enough around the stairs to take a tumble down the little ones.
Today Kaylee decided to help "teach" Kevin to crawl out of nowhere :) ...

He wears 12 month clothes and has been for a while. Since he started scooting they are getting more loose on him.
He thinks his big sister is HILARIOUS.
He has a giggle that melts my heart!
He will soon be wearing a hard contact lens and hopefully will be able to use both eyes.
He is a really sweet baby. People just sense his sweetness when they are with him.

He loves to drink and eat a lot of prunes which he needs for digestive success.

He blows a lot of raspberries. That is how he lets me know he is awake... I just hear lip buzzing coming from the other room and I know he's up.
He loves to jump in the bouncer we are borrowing.

He likes to growl.

I can't even begin to explain how much I love this little boy. He's just so sweet and I want to gobble him up :)


The Russell 4 said...

He is a cutie, Stacey!

Tori said...

So random story, I was showing my friends at work your cute blog and one of them said, "I know him!" Yes. Her husband, Newel Ostvig, apparently was Ryan's roommate...? Well I teach with his wife, Rachel. Small world!