Sunday, November 7, 2010

Primary Children's Medical Center

On Wednesday night Kevin began to have a fever and was crying like he was in pain whenever he woke (I suspect now that it was every time he peed.) Kevin is not a cryer so it was clear something was wrong and it broke my heart.

Kaylee and I had both had recent fevers so I assumed he caught whatever we had and wasn't too worried. On Thursday morning I sent Ryan to pick up a thermometer so I could monitor his temperature and found it was over 101 degrees. I called his doctor and they said to take him to the ER right away because he was under 60 days which meant it could be serious. Ryan still felt they were over reacting so we took him to the instacare that was at the ER. The instacare also said they were not willing to look at him. They told me to take him to Primary Children's where he would undergo a bunch of tests. They recommended I find someone to watch Kaylee because we'd be there a while. I was a little panicky. My mom had said she wouldn't come home early that day because she had come home early too much that week. To my surprise as I tried to nail down a babysitter, she came home. I asked her if she felt inspired.
Ryan was finally able to head to work. My mom and I dropped Kaylee off at my sisters and drove to Salt Lake.

The staff was so kind at the ER there. Kevin underwent a spinal tap, an IV, blood withdrawn, and a catheter to take a little urine. The instacare told me not to feed him so he went ALL DAY without eating. He was so well behaved for a starving sick baby.

They ended up finding bacteria in the urine and were able to decide his fever was being caused by a urinary tract infection. They put him on some antibiotics and then checked us in upstairs so they could moniter his fever.

They made us stay till his fever was gone for over 24 hours.
They did an ultrasound on his bladder and he is scheduled to go back Monday for one more test on his plumbing (VCUG)
I was allowed to leave with an oral antibiotic in hand on Saturday evening.

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Laura said...

Oh, poor sweet baby! I hope he makes a full recovery. so glad it wasn't more serious.