Monday, November 1, 2010


Here is Kevin sleeping in Ryan's arms at church. Love the little man clothes!

Kevin is about 10.5 lbs now! He loves to eat but he's been spitting up SO MUCH that I decided maybe I was being too liberal with the feedings. I've tried to make him wait a little and it's helped some but hasn't been a cure.

I took him to his first real doctors appointment. (He had his PKU tests done and weight checks by the midwives but hadn't had a real check up yet.)
The doctor did not see the usual red eye reflection that they look for when they shine light in the eyes. I've scheduled an appointment at the Primary Childrens' Hospital in Salt Lake with a pediatric ophthalmologist for Nov. 11th at 1pm.
This could be potentially serious so I am very anxious for the 11th to get here! Pray that all goes well!

Coming soon... Kaylee still loves Halloween

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