Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm boring

Ryan has the SD card reader and I don't know where he keeps all the wires to the camera dock so basically I don't have any fun pictures... there wasn't much on there any way. This post isn't exciting but I feel more in control of life when I write about it.

I do have picture from when we went to one of those big blow up play areas for my nieces 3rd b day and I will probably post pictures from that someday.
We didn't take pictures but her b day is the same day as our anniversary so we went out to a YUMMY restaurant in Sandy called Fratelli's.

Ryan's mom is getting married and we are all very happy for her. I'm excited for the wedding and the family trip to Mexico! Is is ridiculous I've never been on a commercial plane?

Ryan officially (and may I add finally) works for Riser Media. After 60 days they plan to make him a full employee with benefits and all that good stuff assuming they still like him ;) From what I understand his main job is to make sure they have happy customers. They like that he is so experienced in design and coding but that's not even what they hired him to do.
They are currently located in American Fork which is something of a commute from here but in the next few months they will be moving to Thanksgiving Point which is even farther away. We haven't sat and talked logistics yet but in theory we'd like to eventually move to Lehi so he doesn't have to go so far! (And while I'm pretending that having a job makes us rich enough to afford everything I want, I want to buy a second car so he doesn't have to scoot on cold days and so we can better fit two car seats into one car. I've got my sites set on a Mazda 5)

Let's not forget that Ryan is still trying to finish his Masters and now wants to do some side work for a second company that his soon to be (step) dad introduced him too... Ryan's always been a bit crazy when it comes to the amount of things he thinks one human can reasonably accomplish.

I'm 18 weeks along as of today. I don't feel like I'm growing that much which could be good since I have been known to loose body fat while pregnant (baby grows in size but my weight stays similar meaning that baby is taking my fat which I willingly give!) I scheduled my ultrasound for May 24th and cannot wait to confirm that this thing inside me is a boy. I've convinced myself already and will be very surprised if I'm wrong.
I don't like the idea of meat very much which makes dinner prep rather difficult.
I re borrowed hypnobirthing and intend to actually finish it this time. I'm finding that reading is much harder when there is already a baby on the outside of you demanding attention!

Tomorrow is my brothers B day but we are going out tonight to celebrate. Chase and I had our moments of hatred growing up like all siblings but we were pretty good buddies more often than not. I really like being with family and think I would probably struggle if I ever ended up far away from all family.

I am not in school right now and don't plan to be until after Ryan is done with his schooling and the baby is here. (Although I may take a voice class for 7 weeks of Summer if anyone wants to watch Kaylee once a week during those weeks for me.) Currently 5 classes (9.5 credits) stands between me and that piece of paper that says I can accomplish things! The new tentative graduation goal is August of 2011. I feel ridiculous for being in school so long but I have to remind myself that this degree is just not a priority right now and I'll get it when I get it.

Kaylee LOVES nursery. She is NOT a morning person so 9 am church is a struggle but she forgets she's tired when she gets to the toys.
She is not a morning person because she has forgotten how to go to sleep at night. We are seriously at a loss. I feel like a failure as a parent because she has totally taken control when it comes to sleeping at night.
Kaylee is picking up more and more words. She says things like shoe, sock, ball, help, thank you, no, elmo, and more.
She is OBSESSED with shoes and climbing in and out of her stroller. She likes to experiment with buckles now... carts, strollers, car seats, high chairs...
She likes to sit on the potty but is far from understanding going in it... Sadly I think we will be changing two sets of diapers for a while.

That's life right now...


The Skousens said...

I'm so happy for Ryan, that's awesome that you will be guarenteed a scheduled pay check (and then bonus money from the side jobs he acquires)! We are exactly 4 weeks apart...that is so fun that we will have 2 of our kids close in age! I think that it's totally fine that you put school on the hold for the time being (who cares how long it's taking you, at least you can say that you're almost done and that you will finish because a lot of people don't end up finishing)'re so close, that of course you should finish but there's no sense adding more stress to your life right now!!!

Kristin said...

if you can swing a night class, I'll totally watch Kaylee! I get off work at 5 :)

Alyssa said...

I loved reading your update! CONGRATULATIONS on all fronts:)--there is SO much going on! I know you're going to get through those last 9.5 hours and have that paper and you'll have the best cheering section ever with both your babies and your husband. Two in diapers probably won't even phase you and someday you won't have any one in diapers any more....this last year I finished the last one...after 12 years of multiples in diapers! I love hearing about Kaylee...She sounds a lot like our oldest daughter Aynsley. I still don't know what I would have done different abt the bedtime deal...hearing you reminds me that it was a very real struggle...I hope your next baby likes to go to bed :)