Sunday, May 23, 2010


Not that you care, but I went to a different Motherhood Maternity yesterday and they had a black dress that the other one hadn't. I decided to try it on and I ADORED IT! I decided I had to do an exchange! It too is one of those borderline too short dresses. It covers my G's but if I were to bend over or anything I might have problems. I picked up some white leggings from Forever 21 just in case because I had to have this dress! Here is a picture in case you care :)

Goodbye patterned skirt, I will miss you but this was totally worth it!


The Hightower's said...

I love that dress! So cute ; )

Judy Huntzinger said...

That is a very cute dress! Does it have any kind of hem? Just don't bend over! Congratulations to all of you.