Friday, May 21, 2010


The countdown the the wedding/Mexico begins!

Last night Laurie, Jess, and I went to the mall and bought some new clothes for the wedding. Jessica's skirt/shrug were adorable and I was a little jealous I didn't have the luxury of shopping in the trendy stores with her. I got this cute patterened skirt with a black side gathered t shirt from motherhood maternity. (I need to go back and exchange the skirt though because when I came home to show Ryan, I looked down and realized I had bought an extra large. What a dork!)

My specialized clothing was considerably pricier than Jessica's for which I felt pretty guilty especially since the dress Laurie liked best was the one that was on sale. DANG MATERNITY CLOTHES! I actually REALLY wanted this dress but it was a bit too short for comfort.

Because my t-shirt skirt combo is pretty dressed down I was thinking of dressing it up with some big jewelry. Next on my to do list... accessory shopping!

I'm going to get a pedicure/manicure before the wedding with my beautiful sister in laws and I'm tempted to go find some cute new open toe shoes to show it off but chances are I will just wear the black flats I already own... I've gotten much too practical with time and quite frankly it's boring.

Also on my list of things to buy is a new (a few new?) swim suit for Mexico. I have one maternity suit from last time but I can't find the bottoms. I'm not super huge yet but I don't really think any of my other suits will fit me. Also I really love suits that have small skirts on the bottom so I'm on the hunt. I've also been given permission from my sister to look through her suits since she has an over sized collection.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is leaving Kaylee for a week. She's never spent more than a couple days away from us. She is staying with my sister who I trust completely but I just hope my sister doesn't want to strangle her by the end of the week. Kaylee and her her cousin Kyah are very similar little girls. They are both headstrong and expect to get their way so they often fight over toys. On top of this Kaylee is kind of a crappy sleeper these days so she may be even more difficult in a foreign environment. Everyone pray for Kaylee's angel side to dominate.

Just over two week now!

PS only 3 days till the revelation of the sex


JJ and Cody said...

soo exciting!!

The Hightower's said...

Yay!!! I'm so so so so so so excited!