Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Miss (I'm feeling nostalgic)

In no particular order...

•Brina, Carrie, and Sammy
-We started the lunch rotation thing and all the younger kids stole it!

•Working for MTC Media services.
-MMM All you can eat for like 3 bucks.

This is Ryan opening a white elephant gift at the Media Christmas party

•Kaylee being so tiny (and immobile).

•Black Barts

•Singing and Dancing... Preforming onstage


This picture may be too awesome for you to handle and I apologize for that!

•My Wedding Day

•Chason, Brooke, and RYLIE!

•Living in Timp Gateway 211 with my lovely cousins!

I don't have any good pics with Tay :(

•Having a steady income :)

•Having no stretch marks or skin pooches on my stomach

Let's just say I definitely got rid of that shirt!

•Jordan and his random Sunday dinner comments.

That's all I can think of for now...


The Skousens said...

I often think of how I miss living in the condo, all of us was so carefree then, and we all had TONS of fun!!! I can relate to a lot of the other things on your list!

Brooke said...'re sweet. we miss you guys too! And I can definitely relate to missing the "before baby" body ; )


I miss you too!!! Man I want to get together!!!! I always say that and we never do!!! Hey I was wondering if you knew how Carrie was doing? I didn't know if she was back from her mission yet or what? and yeah Kaylee has gotten so much bigger! She is so cute and looks just like you!! I bet being a mom is so much fun!! Man I miss you!!

Ally said...

I still remember that Denny's night in our pajamas :) we had fun!