Thursday, July 9, 2009

_______'s Musical Revue & Barbeque


As you all know I have been trying to come up with a plan for my life and have felt very confused and frustrated. About a week ago I went to a local studio and spent an hour and a half just talking business and learning mixing and things fromthe guy. He was very nice and while I LOVED being in his studio and watching him work I also realized the kind of dedication it requires to get to his level in a studio. He had a passion for what he was doing and he dedicated everyday of his life to that passion. I sat there thinking about how much I love being a mom and how being a studio engineer is not my only desire in life. This really threw me off because all my future plans involved studying audio.

After high school graduation I got a summer job at a restaurant called Black Bart's Musical Revue Steakhouse. I absolutely adored the place. It was a way to make money doing what I love... performing! I've taken Ryan there before and he and I have said before that if someone were to open one of those in the Provo area it would do even better than it did in Flagstaff. The other night as I was contemplateing A) what I was doing in life and B) how the heck Ryan and I were going to make ends meet without a pay check, I found myself wishing there were a Black Barts in Provo. I told Ryan I was going to go find a restaurant and pitch the idea to them so that I could work there. Ryan much preferred the idea of us opening our own. You make think it's just another crazy idea but I swear to you the whole thing hit us with such clarity it was amazing. For the first time in a long time I did not feel tormented and confused by the thought of what to do. Ideas on how we could take the Black Barts idea and build on it and mke it better just started spewing out like vomit for probably an hour! We bought a book about opening your own restaurant and starting crunching number in the morning and we think we can make this thing a success!

Here's what we have so far:
All waitors and busers have to be able to sing and dance WELL. (We plan to draw our talent from BYU and UVU... I know where to go to recruit talent at BYU) Group numbers happen every half hour and the employees sing solo or small group numbers in between. At 8 we will have our biggest production of the night to drive in traffic. Chelsie might help coreagragh and she also is willing to call in some favors from other for us. Servers wear t-shirts designed by Ryan's clothing designer Natty which we can sell to customers (like Wingers) and jeans. Western saloon feel. Southern Barbeque food (we plan to try and get Ryan's old employer to run the kitchen because they had amazing) I get to run an in house audio board and pick out the mics! :)

I can't believe we are entering the business that is so risky but I'm excited about it!

PS anyone have a good idea for a name? We've thrown out a few... Murray's being at the top but we'd love some ideas


Kristin said...

omg hire me! I miss Black Bart's!!! [a mormon version of BB would ROCK tho...I could do without the f-bombs. ha!] as for a name...idk-Murray's sounds kind of cliche...i think you need a name that is memorable. not that I have any suggestions, but since Murray is a city in UT, I'm sure there are lots of "murray's this" and "murray's that" just a thought. :) I'm EXCITED for you! :)

Steve said...

You can have Otis Sly if you want... I think he'd approve of that type of restaurant. The only stipulation is you have to put a picture of him up somewhere.

Lindsay said...

I don't have any ideas for the name...but WOW! I think a BB restaurant in Utah would be very successful! Good luck!

JJ McGee said...

this sounds really neat. i'd definitely come check it out!! good luck! (cody could be a dancer.) :)

Judy Huntzinger said...

"Hightower's" just a thought.

Charlotte said...

If you need help with the decor, Tyler could throw in a few ideas =)