Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just cause I like my daughter...

Little miss Kaylee is 9 months old!

She is average height but almost off the charts for how little she weighs. I think she's like her dad... forgets that she needs food.

While in CA we took her to a park with water and she LOVED it. She is all about the adventure!

She has 1 little tooth and another on it's way. She will NOT let you look at it though. I didn't even know about it till it was all the way through.

Kaylee started crawling about a month ago but if she had her way she would be running.

I have pacifiers for no reason. It's good that she can fall asleep without one no matter where we are but I still stupidly always try to get her to want a pacifier.

Kaylee really hates to be restrained in any way. The word WILD comes to mind. Car seats= Big fit!

She is very curious and never sits still. Sometimes I just like to sit there and watch her observe the world in her crazy little way.


The Hightower's said...

Oh my gosh...I can't believe how much she doesn't like her carseat! Does she like it once she's in it? haha. Rylie loved hers. We miss her : ( Of course we miss you guys like crazy too!!!

Mitch and Kris said...

Wow I can't believe she is already 9 months old. she is so cute! I love how much she hates her car seat, I bet that's a lot of fun.

Rich and Mari Jones said...

She is adorable!