Thursday, September 1, 2011

sleep cures everything

So Ryan and I don't do mornings... Like seriously don't. Ask our mothers, they will both tell you that we were the worst of all our siblings at being decent human beings before 10:00 am.

Despite my equal hatred for mornings somehow the responsibility of getting Ryan out the door falls on me. He wouldn't ever get out of bed on time if I didn't get up first and make him feel guilty for staying in bed. So 6:30am and I have become reacquainted. Some of you morning people might be thinking but now you have all this extra time to yourself to get things done but that is false. After I make Ryan's lunch I sit around feeling ill and being completely worthless. (If you notice a rough edge in this post it's because I'm writing it in the morning hours that I'm so hateful towards.) The biggest problem is that getting up earlier seriously shortens my fuse for the rest of the day and a short fuse plus a sensitive and curious 11 month old is rough.

Two days ago I was trying to get out the door and Kevin just kept doing dumb things. It started with somehow finding some mushy #2 in the toilet and eating it (I was gagging) then once cleaned and dressed he climbed into another toilet and got all wet. He also pulled just about everything on the bathroom sink onto the floor and spilled bobby pins everywhere. Once his new clothes were on he took his shorts off while I was trying to get kaylee ready. Not to mention he would not take his morning nap so he was following me around whining at my feet all morning.
Yesterday he was sick (I was sick Sunday.) Rather than be a nurturing mother who felt compassion for my son who was suffering from something I had recently experienced, I was just annoyed. I just wanted the whining to stop so bad. The throw up clean up was getting really old but having him whining and tugging at me while I did it didn't help.

Pray for me to find some patience!

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Bailee said...

Having two morning haters in one house would kill me. I don't know how you do it. I am a morning person...zach is not. It's a blessing we are opposite. If canyon won't go to bed, Zach stays up with him and I go to bed. If Canyon wakes up early (or should I say when) I get up with him so Zach can sleep a little more. Bless you for your efforts. I love love love getting up early as long as it's my internal clock waking me up (I can't sleep past 7am most days), but I can see how it can make some a little agitated.