Friday, September 30, 2011

The Gift of Sight

Today is Kevin's first Birthday. My baby isn't a baby any more! For his Birthday we are hoping that he was given the gift of sight!

After losing or not being able to use over $1000 worth of contact lens' (4 different brands something like 12 different lens') we finally threw in the towel on the contact lens nonsense. Kevin has a very severe astigmatism which makes finding the right lens for him virtually impossible.

Yesterday Kevin's ophthalmologist (Dr. Larson) preformed one last surgery with the assistance of a world renowned cataract doctor named Dr. Crandall. Together they gave Kavin a fake lens called an IOL. This lens differs from the one Dr. Larson attempted to put in during the last surgery in that it is sewn into place so that the lens can not become displaced like it did last time. From my understanding this technique is much more unique and one that Dr. Crandall knows well (Hence his assistance was needed.)

The lens strength is a bit stronger than what he needs right now and eventually it will be too weak. To compensate for these differences, Kevin will probably wear glasses for the rest of his life.

Kevin is mostly back to normal today aside from a very red eye, being tired, and needing a whole lot of drops again.

Getting his blood pressure taken pre op.

Being super Annoyed with the identifier they put on his ankle.

The tracking system at the Moran Eye Center...The top pink square is kevin and pink mean he is in the OR.
What he looked like just before waking up . He was still in such a drugged state that he was kind of funy when he woke up.

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