Tuesday, March 15, 2011

seeing... take 2

Cataract removal #2 is scheduled for 1 week from Friday (25th)... Sad day. His cataract has grown back. This just happens sometimes with congenital cataracts. It's like the body is trying to heal itself. Dr. Larson said they are working on developing an eye drop that kills those cataract cells without killing the whole eye but for now it doesn't exist so Kevin is back to being totally blind in his left eye until the next surgery.

Since we haven't been having the best luck with contact lens fit for Kevin, and he is a little older, and we have to go in and do another surgery any way, we will most likely be putting an IOL (intraocular lens) in his eye this time.

(The caption says replace the old lens but he currently has no lens at all)

He will still need corrective glasses but they will not need to be +26 like his contact lens is. This means no more contact cleaning or shoving in his eye for me. It also removes the fear if losing $250 all the time. (Hooray for no longer digging in the vacuum dust!)

Donations are now being accepted in my wallet. ;) In all seriousness though this stresses me out. Insurance or no insurance 20% of the cost of 2 surgeries and 2 unrelated hospital stays really adds up! My insurance coverage is done with April 25th. Pray for us!

The good news is that I am told regularly that Kevin is quite possibly the sweetest baby people have EVER seen.


ShaunaJorgenson said...

Will he be able to wear a normal contact lens when he is old enough to do it himself, instead of glasses?

Jonni said...

poor guy :[ i hope everything goes well!! and at least you wont have to keep putting in his contact and loosing it.