Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Miss

Doe anyone else ever just look at your kids and think when did you grow up so much?

Kaylee is getting so tall! She talks and sings and dances. Sometimes she is so mature in what she says. She's even getting the whole toilet and panties thing figured out! She can be a pain but she also makes us LAUGH. She does all the normal 2 year old things but we still think it's amazing like most parents. She LOVES reading with daddy (I get her new books from the library every couple weeks) She loves to make animal sounds and points out letters and colors. She loves any song that has actions involved (like tea pot, hoky poky, popcorn, etc...)
I've been meaning to get this on video to show her someday for a while. She's mumbling a little because there is candy in her mouth but you get the idea.

Love her!


Jewelyn said...

what a cutie!

The Hightower's said...

gosh she is too cute ; )

JP said...

that is just too cute!