Thursday, April 15, 2010

inability to make plans cripples me

So as I have mentioned several times, Ryan has been talking to Riser Media about potentially joining their team. They really like him and have told him they are going to hire him as their next employee. The problem is they haven't known exactly what to have him do. A project just came up that involves needing all of Ryan's skills and if they get it they are for sure bringing him on full time and putting him in charge of it. The problem is that nasty word "IF." Ryan thinks they probably will get the project soon but there is no exact time frame or guarantees here. This makes me a little bonkers because I am 9.5 credits away from graduation and want to graduate in August. The problem with that is that my schedule for Spring/Summer school really would not mesh well with Ryan trying to work in Lehi full time and then come home and work on his school work. Where does my degree and our 1.5 kids fit into this. Spring semester starts on the 27th so I don't have a lot of time to figure this out! I have considered taking one 3 credit class in the Spring, one in the summer and then waiting till next winter to try and finish all (3.5 credits) of my minor classes in the evenings after Ryan is done with school. If anyone can wave a wand and make the answer clear it would be appreciated!

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Conn Deezy said...

A wand like that would certainly be nice. The thing I've found out about school is that if you let it get in the way of other things you will end up resenting it and the other things, since they are also getting in the way of your education. Even if it means taking a little longer to finish your degree, you may find that you're happier in the long run if you do wait. Focusing on school will be easier if you aren't worried about the time commitment, and you'll also be able to spend time on the family stuff!

Just my two cents. Good luck!