Monday, April 5, 2010

California- 2010

My mom had been planning a trip to California to visit her family for a while and Ryan and I had talked about going with her. It happened to be the same weekend as the premier of Dancing With the Stars which we thought would be fun to go to. Life just kept getting in the way so we finally decided it would be best to stay behind. On Friday morning, the day my mom was leaving Ryan said "Can we just go?" We needed a break and even though the trip set us back in school and things we just packed up and left anyway!

On Saturday we spent the whole day at my Grandma's doing yard work for her birthday present. We had so many people there that we got a ton done! It was surprisingly enjoyable just to do something different with family.
Sunday was just a casual dinner with family.

We decided to buy two for one passes to Disneyland. So we spent Monday at Calafornia Adventure (Shuana and Ryan had never gone) and Tuesday at Disneyland. My California family has spent a lot of time at Disneyland and California Adventure so on Monday my aunt came to help us navigate the park and take care of kids then on Tuesday my cousin and her husband (who actually works at Disneyland) did the same.
I thought I took a ton of pictures but really they aren't that exciting...

The classic Disneyland picture

Napping at CA Adventure

Kaylee was afraid of most the rides but small world was fun because she got to wave her arms to the music the whole time!

There was a dance party in the street and Kaylee also loved this.

I also uploaded a few pics to facebook if you want to see anymore, click here

I had a presentation to give on Thursday so we all headed home on Wednesday. :( Thanks Jeanine for letting us stay with you. It was fun!

When we got in at like 3am the cat was sleeping on our bed and the kids REALLY liked her. She is such a mellow cat!

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The Hightower's said...

YAY makes me excited for our disney trip! Looks like you guys had fun with a much needed break ; )