Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free Time?

I wrote down everything I need to do before the last day of class and decided I could afford to sit down and organize all my photos in prep for upcoming blogs....

I have become a very lazy blogger... sorry. I had every intention of doing the usual cutesy pictures with text describing them but instead I am just going to tell you about Jordan's homecoming and then give you a link to Ryan's mobile me where I uploaded all the pictures to for Grandma Pullan.

It's so great to have Jordan back. I already can't wait for the next family gathering. It has been so empty without Chelsie, Jordan, Chason, Brooke, and Rylie. Having Chelsie and Jordan with everyone was a lot of fun. Chelsie took Jordan back out into the world yesterday to buy things and get ready to be a none missionary. I can't even imagine how incredibly hard it must be to leave such a wonderfully spiritual life behind. We had rotisserie chicken instead of turkey which is fine by me because I love that stuff. Jordan taught us all anew monopoly card game while we listened to christmas music. What a great de-stresser!

Any way check out the pictures I took here... They are pretty blurry. The lighting in the airport didn't agree with our camera... LAME.

Someday I'll do a normal blog. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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