Thursday, November 12, 2009

The life and times of R.S. & K. Hightower

Well I'm actually in class... I think I have some sort of senioritis but don't worry I'll make it :)

Ryan has taken a leave of absence from school until the end of the year. He and I talked about it and we decided that this was best for all of us right now even though it pushes his graduation back to late September. He has a lot of work projects lined up and there just wasn't enough time for him to do all the work and be a more than full time student who cares for a 1 year old all day. He is using this time to make us a little bit of money so we can eat a little longer ;) The good news is, in January I will only be taking 10 credits which I have crammed into 2 days of the week (Tuesday and Thursday). This means I will be home most days of the week to help him with Kaylee. I will still graduate in August, but I have just spread the work out between winter spring and summer semesters. (10, 5, & 3.5 credits respectively)

I have 4 weeks of class left... 1 of them is Thanksgiving week (only 2 days of class) 1 of them is the last week of class (4 days of class) There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I am very excited for Thanksgiving (and the break that comes with it) and I am teaching sharing time the Sunday after. Does anyone have a good idea for a serving my family sharing time? (Have I mentioned that I am the primary Secretary? I'm not very helpful but I do what I can.) The Straw family is taking new pictures on the 28th to include the new grand kids. Hopefully we get some good ones.

We have having Hightower Thanksgiving on Nov. 30th when Jordan gets home. I am very excited for that day too! I am not going to that day of school so that's another non full week!

Kaylee is getting a bit too smart for our own good. She is getting so old. It almost makes me want another tiny baby (but not enough to make it worth going through school pregnant again.)

So that's life :)


The Russell 4 said...

I am a primary teacher as of two weeks ago. An activity that went along with one of our service lessons was to tie a string on each childs wrist and encouraging them to do service in their families. They weren't suppose to remove the string until they did some type of service. The next week they shared what they did in order to remove the string. They seemed to really enjoy the activity. I wasn't there for the lesson just the follow up. Sorry I can't give you more.

Alyssa said...

Sounds like a good plan...I can't imagine being in school with a family. (I graduated just before we started ours) Steve however had several years of school with kids by the time he was done we were expecting our 3rd. So, hats off to you for getting it done BEFORE Kaylee gets any smarter or more active!

For primary...I still like the idea of the warm fuzzy jar that one primary gave to President Monson. Seems like if the kids get a chance to talk about what they've done things click and they start to understand the meaning much more. The secret service deals are also very fun for kids to do. They love to be sneaky and leave behind a little note. One thing I'm trying to emphasize to our kids right now is that serving each other is a way of showing you love someone--I works just like saying "I Love You" with out words--(of coarse the words need to be said sometimes to) and obedience is one of the greatest acts of service a child can give their parents.

Charlotte said...

Do you use Sugardoodle? I'm the Primary Chorister and I always get great ideas from there. Also, I am a member of a "Google Group" that is all Primary Choristers. I think there is pretty much a group for every calling. It is so helpful to read what other people are doing so you can brainstorm from there!

So impressed that you guys are working so hard to get your degrees. Even though I mostly stay home now, I'm so glad I finished my degree!