Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

Five grandbabies 2 and under in costumes eating candy = PURE INSANITY! Halloween was really fun though and all the grandbabies looked cute. I made all the girls bows and did all their hair. I love that kind of thing.

Kaylee fell asleep after 1 street (not enough napping on such an exciting day) of trick or treating but after her little nap she was having a blast! People probably thought yeah that little kid won't eat that candy but seriously her doctor said feed her anything... make her put on weight so she has been loving the candy! She totally understand that if she can get her hands on the bag with the pumpkin on it she finds sugar. Kaylee is such a people person. She would giggle every time I stopped to grab her out of the stroller for the next house. And as a mom I did love hearing people say Oh how cute:)

You can see more pictures here : Facebook Album


Blythe said...

So cute! what a busy little bee! I am all for letting the little ones have fun, eating candy and trick or treating. It's not like it happens daily! She looks so cute!

JJ McGee said...

She is precious! hope you had a great holiday!