Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Hightower home lately

Well, here we are in week 3 of the semester and I think we are finally getting a feel for what the next few months are going to be like.

I would really like to get this off my chest because I think it will make me feel better. When I first decided to take this schooling thing on (again) Ryan and I came to an agreement that in order to succeed at school we were going to have to let a few things go. The main one being a clean home. With a 10 month old BUSY child who feels it necessary to empty all drawers, baskets, and shelves, there was just no way we could keep up with her and still have any time for, well, anything. That has in fact happened and our place is a complete disaster 95% of the time. Even when we make an effort to put something away it is usually just so that Kaylee has something new to re empty. To anyone out there who comes to visit us, please do not judge! Under different circumstances we normally keep a reasonably clean atmosphere. I haven't had a ton of visitors thankfully (and I try to straighten a bit for expected ones) but I am always so embarrassed when people show up. I think I should hang a sign on the door that says it didn't used to be like this :) It's actually fairly stressful to live like this because it eats at me to walk in the kitchen and not see counters haha. It also makes it harder to make a lunch or dinner when there is hardly room to work with. I've also noticed that messiness compounds itself. Once the place is a mess then no one (including myself) feels bad about just adding to it.

The plan was always that we would dedicate Saturdays to laundry and cleaning. We did ok the first Saturday but after a long week of working hard it doesn't sound all that appealing to slave the entire day with cleaning supplies and laundry folding! Sometimes you just want to get out and play! So add overflowing laundry baskets and unfolded laundry piles to my disaster zone!

We sort of have a system for dinner though. In the mornings after I work out I throw food in the crock pot and throw together a lunch to take to school while I get ready. When I get home I set the table and make sides. Ryan is then in charge of clean up while I run off to do homework (we don't always execute perfectly but it's still the usual plan.)

Ryan really has taken on a lot and I am grateful to him. It's not like his classes are any easier than mine and yet he still takes care of Kaylee and (usually) gets his work (paid and school) done with little to no complaint.

With Ryan constantly on his lap top (usually at the kitchen table) and me on this computer in the bedroom we found ourselves living on two separate islands so Ryan decided he wanted a small desk that he could put in our room so he and I could at least be working in the same room. We were visiting my mom one evening and I saw my sisters old desk sitting there with no one to use it. She let us borrow it and it fit perfectly into his corner.

cool huh?

Things are wild and I can't wait for us to be done but I think I will be able to look back and be grateful for this time in my life.

Note: We graduate exactly 1 week apart from each other and we are considering taking a trip somewhere to celebrate that joyous day. we've even considered taking our trip to Florida so he can actually walk at his graduation but we'll see.

What I'm learning: Tomorrow in foods we are making corn bread, broccoli salad, and soup. I'll let you know if the recipes are good. I have to start a business in one of my classes and my group is really leaning towards a dating service here at BYU but I will probably explain more once we've ironed out the details. In my finance class I really appreciated some of the links we were given today. You may want to look at them here (the first two links are lists of helpful stuff)

off to bed...


JJ McGee said...

oh you've got nothing to worry about. it's just me and cody and we're still having a terrible time keeping the kitchen clean during the week... i usually get things cleaned up wednesday morning from the first two days and then we have no time til friday to clean again... so i know what you mean about piles. you have much better excuses. :)

Alyssa said...

I think you're wise to recognize what needs to be let go and just embrace it. I have struggled with keeping a really clean and well organized home too(go figure with 7 kids ages 12-3 years old) My sister-in-law Stephanie dropped off a framed saying that I get a kick out says "DULL WOMEN HAVE IMMACULATE HOMES" So, as you are working to better yourselves and improve your futures just know your home is evidence that you are NOT dull :) And Congrats on all of your hard work and ambitions!!!

Charlotte said...

After I had Savannah, I was gone about 11 hours a day and Tyler was in school full time- it was CRAZY! But I found that a messy house added to the chaos and made it worse. Although it's a good idea to realize it won't last forever and somethings just have to go- 2 books that really helped me are "Sidetracked Home Executives" and some Cooking for a month in a day recipe books! They still help me- especially since I got into some good habits that have carried over now that I'm home a bit more. Good luck! Sounds like you already have a good perspective and great goals to work towards.