Monday, August 31, 2009

Back To School

Today was the first day of classes!

(I took this with my phone :-)

I rode my scooter to campus and I loved the parking situation for the scooter!

(Still need to go get a permit so that I don't get fined if I get pulled over)

I had American heritage which was lame. (It's a freshman GE that I have put off for many years.) Getting in and out was a JOKE! It's in an auditorium and the students waiting to get in block the students inside from getting out... GENIUS! Other than that I had orientation for folk ensemble. I am really excited and I think it's going to be very low key and all sorts of performance fun! The teacher was like this might be hard for some of you who are used to blending into a large musical group and I was like NOPE I can't wait to finally do something at BYU where I actually get to be heard!
I got a new ID... I'm on #5 at BYU (No I haven't lost any...initial, falling apart, new last name, salt lake center, BYU new ID card look) and I have yet to take a good picture!

In other news... my neighbors are officially gone :tear: It was so nice to know I could just run across the hall if I ever needed anything. Hopefully the people who move in are equally as awesome. On that note if any of you blog readers want a new place to live...

That's it everyone...


Brooke said...

Good luck with school ; ) You look incredible by the way

Judy Huntzinger said...

Good for you doing what you feel impressed to do. You look great next to that neat scooter!! Hope it feels as great, in the long run, as you look doing going to school.