Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well a lot has happened since I last posted anything so this is just going to be another boring catch up... As Usual I am very bad about taking pictures so I will steal them where I can to add interest.

We had and opportunity to go have dinner with Chelsie and watch her perform when the SYTYCD tour came through town. We also got to go back stage and meet all the dancers.
I also got a IV real sweatshirt for free which I am pretty excited about. (It's fun to have connections) It was a great evening but I definitely didn't make it to work on time the next day!

More recently they hired my replacement at work only to have her disappear after a few hours and never return. I laughed about it but really they are going to be in trouble when I leave!

My sisters and mom are throwing me a baby shower on Saturday
and I am getting my hair cut that morning. I can't wait. My cousin Taylor sent some pictures to use as inspiration and I decided to go for a look that is something like this
Ryan got a job offer on a project in Draper today. The company has done some really cool stuff and this job has a lot of potential for him. However because this is only temporary for now he has decided to keep working 30 hours a week at Thrive. Yes that means 70 hours of working... EWWWW! I figure I'll never see him but hopefully I'll live. We are going to stay at his moms house for the next 3 weeks till I'm done with work . It's going to be crazy but hopefully things will all work out for the best.
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and will continue to have them weekly until Kaylee arrives (Kaylee Marie has been our tentative name for a while now and since it's only a few weeks away now and nothing else has been discussed I think that will be her name!)
Oh yeah I can't remember if I mentioned it but My mom and I set up the baby's room over labor day weekend and it turned out really cute!

Well I think that's all for now...


The Skousens said...

Looks like you guys have been having fun...I wanted to go to the SYTYCD tour!!! Love the shower invites and I LOVE her name, very cute!!! Ok Stace, so you need to make sure that you post pictures of the shower, your new haircut (it will be so cute on you), and the baby room...I'm anxious!!!

Kristin said...

oh cute! :) love the name. love the hair. :) I'm so excited to see you on Saturday! Me and Bailee will be there for sure. :) xoxo

Ally said...

Stace...Kaylee is a cute name!!! I actually think it was on my name list :) you should put some pictures up of her room:)

The Hightower's said...

Yeah...a new post! Life gets crazy..and we are so excited for your little one to get here, and I wanna see her room, so we will have to come out there, or you can show pictures or whatever! Hope all is well..probably see you sunday!

Taylor said...

i love the name! i was actually thinking it would be cute to use "Taylee" as a name for me. so of course i love Kaylee :) it's crazy how soon she will come! and i want to see what your hair looks like! :) updaye us with new pics soon!