Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Saturday was my baby shower so I did take pictures as requested. Sorry we weren't really thinking and never took a normal body shot belly picture. You will notive my new hair cut...
Shauna took a few pictures with my camera and didn't like them (my camera kind of sucks hence the fact that I do not use it) So she switched to melissa's cam and it had a fingerprint... oh well you get the idea.
The Hightowers all went in on a really nice baby swing for us which I set up on my day off on Monday. (So much harder to do with a giant stomach)

Mom gave me all the clothes she has been stock piling for ever. She can't pass up anything that is cute and a good deal so I benefit!

Kristi gave me this cute little octopus toy.

I was super excited about all the practical gifts I got such as diapers and wipes (can't get enough!)

All in all it was a great day. I was so grateful to everyone who made an appearance. I even had a few of my friends from Flagstaff come. (Well they are at BYU now)
Thanks for the shower sisters and mom!


The Hightower's said...

It was so much fun, and you got so many cute things! I can't wait for your little one to get here ; )

The Skousens said...

Looks like you got some good stuff at the shower...isn't it nice when you finally feel like you have most of the stuff for the, she's gonna be here sooner than you know it!!!! Your hair looks cute Stace! Oh, and so I got to thinking...a camera should be on your Christmas wishlist...we had the same problem with ours not taking goood pics, so we had to get a new one!

Tara said...

Cute hair...I have a baby gift for you! When is a good time to get it to you?