Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Two of the blogs I follow posted their dating story and those are the things I LOVE to read. I am hoping others enjoy them as well since I plan to be a copy cat:)

Ryan was in my Singles Ward when I came to BYU as a Freshman. My cousin/ room mate was an FHE mom so FHE was always at our place. College was a huge shock to me because I went being completely un noticed by boys in high school and yet we had FHE brothers coming by just to flirt all the time. I had set my sights on a guy who was musical and cute and NOT Ryan.
Winter Semester rolled around and our FHE group changed a bit to include a great group of guys from Rain Tree. Ryan was among our new FHE brothers but probably the one I was least interested in because he had a girlfriend already. Why waste my time right? None the less we really liked all the boys from his apartment and started to become good friends with them.
We had a whole ward FHE one night and Ryan came and sat right in front of me and talked to me the whole night. That was the first time I really thought about liking him. I invited him to come watch 24 with me and a group that always watched 24 after FHE. The funny thing is I could care less about 24, I went because the musical boy was always there. I think I was hoping it would either help me decide if I liked Ryan or at least make the other boy jealous. Ryan agreed to come but first he had to take his girl friend home (I was so confused)... what I didn't know at the time was that she was now his ex-girlfriend.
I noticed on Sunday that he wasn't sitting with his girlfriend anymore and that night we all went to break the fast at a park. His ex and her room mates all gave me the evil eye when they saw him sitting with me again. I didn't care. My FHE brothers, me, and my cousins went and did cheer stunts on the grass and I taught them all so well:)
My cousin Ally and I started finding reasons to go over to their apartment and Ryan started staying after FHE. We were hiking the Y one night because a friend was in town and she told us to invite boys. We called up and invited Ryan's apartment but only Ryan showed up. He and I walked up and down the entire way together with no one else close behind or in front... not sure if the roomies were doing this on purpose or not. We went to the creamery for ice cream and he offered to buy mine. Very unofficial first date.
I was still a bit conflicted about the other boy so I wrote one of his female friends to find out how available he even was and she basically told me to never get tangled in his relationship web because it was way too complicated and that was the end of Musical boy.
Ryan and I started talking on the phone and texting for no real reason and then one night he said his room mates were going to the hot tub and that I should come. I wasn't thrilled about the bathing suit thing so I offered we go grab ice cream instead. He much preferred this option and was glad I made it easy for him to ask me out. We went to the Malt Shoppe and talked for hours.
That was it... a month later we kissed (apparently I kissed him... I thought it was a mutual thing) a few months after that he told me he loved me. He proposed 8 months after we started dating and we were married 1 day before our 1 year anniversary.


Alyssa said...

Fun to read your story! Thanks for sharing!

ShaunaJorgenson said...

In case you need it clarified...the reason you went unnoticed by boys in HS is because they all knew they couldn't compete with NSYNC, you crazy (a little too old to be ) obsessive fan! :)